Friday, November 11, 2016

November Intentions

Hello Again,

Oh, how I missed sitting in front of a computer typing thoughts and ideas to an audience I'm not even sure is there. I took a two months break because sometimes you need a little break when life get's hectic. That was definitely where my life was in the past few months. I moved to Iowa for school leaving my family behind, I got engaged and threw myself into wedding planning quite quickly, I had a horrible experience with my former roommate, and being in a university was quite an adjustment. It was a rough transitioning period and a lot of things I had to take on. However, I'm back and hopefully on the way to making great weekly content soon.

November is finally here!! It's time to dive in and make some monthly intentions. I'm teaming up with some lovely ladies this month in sharing our monthly goals. Check out their inspiring blogs as well as their inspiring goals for this month.

Monthly Intentions Blogger Collab

So I'm going to start out with a high and low from October.

-I turned 22!! I didn't do anything special for my birthday but I was surrounded by those who loved me and that's all that really mattered to me. I also got a phone call from my dad and I hadn't heard his voice in almost a year so it was a great birthday gift.

-I picked out my wedding dress. I'm not allowed to go too much into detail on here because my fiance reads my blog and we're trying to keep the dress a secret. However, my dress is everything I could ever imagine. It's perfect for our venue, I can move in it (because that was a biggy for me.), I feel comfortable, confident, and I just see myself walking down the isle in it.

-I lost motivation for school. I always hit a wall eventually when it comes to class work and class in general. Sometimes it's exhausting and I'm not really sure if it's all worth it. Somedays I can see it is worth it but other days I question. So October was really a hard month for me as I turned 22 and realized I'm not anywhere where I want to be in life. This is both good and bad because I can change it from here on out but still a low point in my life.

Now on to my November goals.

1. Acts of kindness
This originally wasn't on my goal list for this month. I feel like with everything happening in the world currently we need a little more positivity. So it's the perfect time to start doing some random acts of kindness let people know there is still some good in the world.

2. Making the wedding planning process fun
Currently, we've been stressing about money and lack of time. The process of planning our wedding has not been enjoyable at all. It has its moments when we're like YAY! but it also moments where we stress and argue over certain things. I always try to keep in mind that a wedding is for only for a day and we should be planning for a marriage. So recently I've been trying to think of ways we can make wedding planning relaxing and fun as well.

Monday, August 8, 2016

August Intentions Collab

FALL is among us! Although my fiance would like to say otherwise. I know fall is in the air. Kirkland's has fall decorations out and Bath and Body Works is already equipt with fall smells. I'm impatiently waiting for the International Delight Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer. August is one of my favorite months because it's like the benchmark of new beginnings. A new year of school and leaves falling which means a new year of growth. There're lots of new things in store for me this upcoming fall so I'm excited. I'm ready to make some goals for this month. I'll be teaming up with these lovely ladies to bring you this month's intentions. Let's recap July, shall we? 


I got engaged!!! I was not expecting this one bit my boyfriend and I had talked about marriage but I was thinking he'd propose in 2017 or something. So this caught me by surprise. We were out with his family for the 4th of July at Marro Beach in California and he popped that big question "Will you marry you?" We've been friends for 8 years and "dated" online for a year. Do to the lack of understanding we had about relationships in 8th grade we decided to remain friends. He's been my best friend ever since. Whenever things happen both good or bad he's the first person I want to tell. He knows all of my secrets vise versa. I couldn't imagine spending my life with anyone else but him. I'm one happy camper. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Campus Safety by ROBOCOPP & Giveaway

Ever since I was little my mother always taught me to be prepared for any situation most importantly she informed me of the bad situations I could possibly be in.  When I grew older the more she added new "adult" situations to be prepared for. Although this made me paranoid I feel more in control that we talked about it, she gave me tips and tools to prepare me in case something was to happen to me. I know no amount of knowledge would compare to actually being in those situations but I still think it's handy to know. I’m sharing her best tips with all of you.

1. Never leave your drink unattended, if you do leave or you're not watching it just get a new one.
There's actually a social experiment video where they tested how easy it would be to drug someone's drink. You'd be amazed that it can happen with drink right in your hand all you have to do is turn your head a little. So be careful. I wouldn't recommend asking a friend to watch your drink either unless you 100% trust them. It’s not worth the risk.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Monthly Intentions Collaboration

Welcome to the new and improved monthly goal link-up called Monthly Intentions. I’ve paired up with a group of aspiring women to bring you our goals for each month including a reflection piece. This helps us stay accountable for our goals as well as building a community that supports each other on our monthly endeavors. Make sure you check the other lovely ladies in this link-up below.  

Before we get into how I tanked horribly on my June goals I want to talk about the highs and lows of June. 

Transfer Orientation for my new College 
I visited my boyfriend in Iowa over spring break and fell in love with how friendly Iowans were and how beautiful the state was. So after spring break I decided I wanted to go to school in Iowa. I did my research and choose to attend University of Northern Iowa. I had orientation in the beginning of the June. Where I got a chance to see the school as well as register. It felt surreal that this is where I’m going to be spending the next few years. 

Spending a whole month with my boyfriend and his family 
Since my boyfriend and I are in an LDR we don’t see each other as often as we’d like to. He comes down a few days every month. This is our first time spending a whole month together. So far it’s been a surreal feeling and we’ve been enjoying every minute. In addition to that I love his family they’re so sweet and it’s been a pleasure getting to know them more. 

Travelling to California for the first time 
My boyfriend has family in California so we’ll be spending a whole week here. We drove here and it was the longest road trip I’ve ever taken. We started Wednesday, it took 18 hours to get to Colorado where we stayed overnight and from there 12 hours to California from there. It’s exciting since this is my first time in California I’m enjoying the vacation and the journey. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Creating The Ultimate Class Schedule

In college, you're responsible for making your class schedule along with what to take there's how many classes to take. The one thing I learned that some advisor's who help you register aren't the best at "advising". I learned through trial and error of setting up my schedule. So I thought I'd share those tips today on the blog. 

1. Who's paying for college? 
This is important because it determines how many classes you're able to take. You're being charged per credit hour so if a class is 3 credits you multiply how much they're charging you per credit hour by 3. Ex: My current college charges: $109.00 per credit hour so a 3 credit hour class totals: $327. Of course, that's only one class so you add that to how many other classes you'll be taking. So if you're paying out of pocket this is something you should be considering this determines how many classes you 'll take. However, if you receive financial aid or student loans then they have a minimum requirement of credit hours you're supposed to take per semester which usually is 12 credit hours but it may vary. 

2. Find your degree program 
Every university should have a guide of all the classes you're required to take for your major. If not then talk to your advisor on what is required for you to take. This will help guide you to what classes you need to be signing up for. It's also a great way to personally keep track of how many classes you have left to take. 

3. Read the courses descriptions 
Now that you figured out how many classes you're going to take and what is required for your major it's time to start choosing some classes. I choose classes that sound like something I'd be interested in. I believe this is the fun part of college. You have the power to choose anything. If you wanted to take a philosophy class or a literature class. You should go for it. It's a great way to expand your horizons. Another thing to keep in mind is when classes are available. Sometimes only certain classes will be available in Spring, Fall, or Summer. So make sure you fit everything you want to take in your schedule.