Friday, January 29, 2016

Fourth Edition: Friday Favorites

This week has been good for the most part. Nothing too exciting happened and nothing to horrendous. I’m definitely ready for the weekend!! My boyfriend is coming down and it’s been a year since we’ve seen each other last. This time is different because now we’re dating so I’m excited. For the first time in my life I don’t really have a plan on what we’re doing. I’m just going to wing it. How did your week go and what are your plans for this weekend? So there’s my little life recap of this week. Now I shall get back to the task at hand.

Ya’ll this is the last Friday Favorites for January!! I can’t believe this month has flown by so fast. This month my Friday Favorites have been centered on goals, self-improvement, and living a healthier life.  So this week I decided to focus on the healthier life bit of the series. So I’ll be sharing different blog post that will help you have a healthier life both mentally and physically.

What do you do on Saturdays? I end up doing chores, planning the upcoming weeks blog post, reading for class, studying, or doing homework. After a long week of classes I spend my weekend working on more stuff. I try to make the weekends as productive as possible. I know I can’t be the only person who does that.  In this blog post she tells you what Saturdays are really meant for. It’s sure not meant for more work. I really enjoyed this because I like the idea of taking back my weekends and doing something that isn’t more work. I thought this is a great idea because it really gives you a break and refresher for the week ahead. I think it’s perfect for us who are constantly worn out. So I recommend you read it, you won’t regret it.

Change is inevitable. That being said since we know it’s coming we might as well prepare for it. I truly loved this post because I feel like if I took the time to do these two things before every major transition in my life like college, relationships, marriage, or moving then it might have eased me into these new changes. It wouldn’t be as hard for me. So I love this concept and perspective on this. I thought with the New Year there has to be a lot of changes happening or headed your way I believe this could be very helpful.

I’m definitely not educated with the latest trends going on in the “green eating” or healthier eating world. However this obviously is a trend. The one thing I loved about it is that she was a skeptic before she tried it. In this post she actually addresses the health benefits you can get from doing a juice cleanse. So she actually did her research, tested it out, and this is her testimony. Based on her experience I think you can decide for yourself whether this is something you’d like to try out. After reading it’s something I’ve been considering.

I love reminiscing in old memories with my friends, family, and sometimes by myself. Although it’s great to do that every now and then some days I wish I could back and relive those moments because I miss the way things were before.  So this blog post was a great reminder on why we shouldn’t be living in our past. It was a reminder I really needed as well as a little motivational push to look forward to the future.

So I’m guilty of just doing homework then when it’s time for me to go to bed I just sleep. I have no nighttime routine a few weeks ago I read a blog post on the importance of a nighttime routine. So I decided to share this because it really drives that idea home. Your body needs to recuperate after your day whether it was rough or not. These are some great things to start adding to your night routine so your body can unwind and reset itself for the next day. I’ve definitely been trying through meditation it honestly works wonders. So I say give at least one thing on the list a try and see how well it works for you.

I hope you give each of these a look and hopefully it helps you this year with your goals or your lifestyle. A little reminder I’m cohosting the Monthly Aspirations Link-up with the beautiful Angela from The Clutter Box Blog. I’d love for you all to stop by on February 1st and share your aspirations you hope to accomplish for February. Also next month’s theme for Friday Favorites is all about love and relationships. When I say love and relationships I mean self-love, loving others, relationships with friends, significant other, family, and even strangers. So definitely be on the look out for those few things. Have a great week lovelies!!

What are you doing healthier for yourself mentally or physically? 

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