Monday, January 25, 2016

Mantra Monday #3

So this is my weekly schedule classes from Monday to Friday, tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays, blog post Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays, any extra free time including weekends is used for blogging and homework, and on Sunday’s I go to church and have a date night with my boyfriend. So my idea of happiness is escaping my busy life. I’ve disliked this routine since last semester. There has to be more to my life than school, blogging, and home. Although school and blogging are important to me I don't want it to be everything I focus on. 

In my philosophy class we’ve been discussing the idea of eudaimonia (happiness) how the Greeks translation is different than our understanding of what happiness is. Eudaimonia is a state of being whereas happiness to us is about feeling good and content. The concept of eudaimonia reminded me of the quote “Happiness is a journey not a destination.” That being said he argued that most people’s idea of happiness is doing nothing. I couldn’t argue against that statement. My idea of happiness is Netflix and a pamper night just anything to escape my busy life. When you think about it our lives shouldn’t be like that. We should love every aspect of our life whether that is work or school. Our lives shouldn’t be something we want to escape from. We shouldn't us the excuse "Well that's just how life is." because life shouldn't be like that. So I’ve been trying to do things that make me love my life. I want to create a life I don’t feel the need to get away from.

What is a life you want to live? What is your idea of eudaimonia (happiness)?

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