Wednesday, June 15, 2016

3 Perfect Date Night Movies

Summer has finally arrived, it'd be ideal to spend the summer days soaking up the sun's rays. However, with the humid weather we've been having I prefer to spend some of the summer days indoors being nice and cool. On those humid days where you really just can't take the heat it'd be a great time to grab your SO or some girls and initiate a movie date night. If you need some ideas spicing up the typical movie date some ladies over at the Dating Divas have some great ideas you can use here. 

My boyfriend and I are huge movies buffs so each week we have a movie/tv show date night via Skype. We each take turns picking movies each week I think we've seen a lot of amazing movies that both of us wouldn't normally watch on own. So it's been a great way to see new things. I thought why not share our top four favorite movies with you guys. Ladies everything has been boyfriend approved. So it's a plus. 

1. Everything Before Us
We just saw this one over the weekend. My boyfriend is not the one to cry over movies but this one was his exception. It's really heartfelt and I think captures relationships perfectly. The movie is about two couples who are working through their relationships with each other. This movie has a very interesting concept to relationships. The government rates their relationships similar to a credit score called a DEI score. It's based off break-ups, how long have you've been with a person, infidelity , and who's to blame for the break-up. They think that by doing this it'll make love and relationships easier but as the movie unfolds we see love is much more complex than we make it out to be. You can find this movie on Netflix. 

2. One Day
If you're going to watch this be prepared with some tissues. This movie is about two people who become friends and celebrate the anniversary of their friendship every year. You can tell that it's so much more than a friendship but neither of them seems to be at the right place to explore what comes after their friendship. It's to see their friendship unfold. Though it seems very predictable it's not. I enjoyed this movie a lot. You can also find this Netflix. 

3. Instructions Not Included
This is a foreign movie that's primarily in Spanish. I usually don't like movies that are in other languages but this  movie was the exception. If you've seen the show Baby Daddy this movie basically has the same story line. The movie is about a playboy who slept with women a few months later drops the baby on his doorstep says it's his and leaves. He doesn't want children. So this is a big life changer for him, however, he grows fond of the baby and decides to take care of her. There are several twists and turns throughout the movie that I don't want to spoil. I think it's worth watching. You can check it out on Netflix. 

What are your favorite tv shows or movies that are great for date night? 

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