Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Creating The Ultimate Class Schedule

In college, you're responsible for making your class schedule along with what to take there's how many classes to take. The one thing I learned that some advisor's who help you register aren't the best at "advising". I learned through trial and error of setting up my schedule. So I thought I'd share those tips today on the blog. 

1. Who's paying for college? 
This is important because it determines how many classes you're able to take. You're being charged per credit hour so if a class is 3 credits you multiply how much they're charging you per credit hour by 3. Ex: My current college charges: $109.00 per credit hour so a 3 credit hour class totals: $327. Of course, that's only one class so you add that to how many other classes you'll be taking. So if you're paying out of pocket this is something you should be considering this determines how many classes you 'll take. However, if you receive financial aid or student loans then they have a minimum requirement of credit hours you're supposed to take per semester which usually is 12 credit hours but it may vary. 

2. Find your degree program 
Every university should have a guide of all the classes you're required to take for your major. If not then talk to your advisor on what is required for you to take. This will help guide you to what classes you need to be signing up for. It's also a great way to personally keep track of how many classes you have left to take. 

3. Read the courses descriptions 
Now that you figured out how many classes you're going to take and what is required for your major it's time to start choosing some classes. I choose classes that sound like something I'd be interested in. I believe this is the fun part of college. You have the power to choose anything. If you wanted to take a philosophy class or a literature class. You should go for it. It's a great way to expand your horizons. Another thing to keep in mind is when classes are available. Sometimes only certain classes will be available in Spring, Fall, or Summer. So make sure you fit everything you want to take in your schedule. 

4. Go rate your professor 
There's a site called where students go and leave a review of their college professors. So you're able to see what other students experiences were with this professor. This has been a great tool in deciding which courses I take. If a professor seems to have more negative reviews than positive I tend to not take a course taught by them. I know it sounds harsh but I do want professors that actually care about their students and who are helpful. Usually, that's what people comment on. 

5. Other responsibilities
When setting up your schedule think about all the other responsibilities you have in life meaning work, children, or family members you take care of. All this contributes to how you choose what time you take these classes. Make sure that your class schedule fits your other obligations also try not to make your plate too full. 

6. Choosing your peak times 
We've hit the last part of the scheduling process actually choosing the times you'll be attending class and what days. You've mapped out all your other responsibilities and there's still one more thing to think about when scheduling classes. When are you most productive? That question determines whether you'll be successful with taking online classes, night classes, or morning classes. As well as how much space to put in between each class. 

Many schools offer online classes which are perfect if you have a lot of responsibilities or if you don't work well in a class room setting However if you do decide to take an online class just know that it does call for a lot of self-discipline, organization, and time. Just because it's online it doesn't make it easy. 

Are you a morning person who likes to start checking off your to-do list as soon as you wake up? Then chances are morning classes are perfect for you. If just the thought of waking up at 8:00am, getting dressed, and dragging yourself to school makes you cringe then afternoon or night classes might be more your speed. In addition to choosing when you'll take the classes, you'll be choosing how much space is in between each time frame. Some people like small breaks for lunch or for doing other tasks like assignments or others rather just from class to class until they're finished for the day. (guilty as charged) Again only you know what works best for you. So discover when your most productive as well as how you remain productive and use it to your advantage when creating a schedule. 

Overall, it's a process that you perfect by knowing yourself and seeing what works for you and what doesn't. It takes a while to get the right schedule. 

What are your tips on scheduling classes or just scheduling in general? 

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