Monday, June 20, 2016

Starting From Rock Bottom

If you haven't seen the J.K. Rowling movie I suggest you do. J.K. Rowling went through a lot of struggles in her life to get to the successful book writer/screenplay writer she is today. If you would've told her the book she was working on about teenage wizards would be seen all over the world and be such a hit not only for children but adults as well I'm sure she would've thought, you were crazy. However, that's exactly what happened, no matter her obstacles in life she was able to work and persevere and look where it got her. It's such an inspiring story for single mothers, women, and anyone going through hard times. We've all been in situations where we thought "I've definitely hit rock bottom" instead of thinking of it as a negative thing we should be thinking of it from a more positive perspective. Rock bottom is a great place to start creating a life you want. If you think about it hitting rock bottom is giving you a chance to start all over again. You have a fresh canvas to paint on how will you use it to create something beautiful.

What are your best life tips?
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