Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Campus Safety by ROBOCOPP & Giveaway

Ever since I was little my mother always taught me to be prepared for any situation most importantly she informed me of the bad situations I could possibly be in.  When I grew older the more she added new "adult" situations to be prepared for. Although this made me paranoid I feel more in control that we talked about it, she gave me tips and tools to prepare me in case something was to happen to me. I know no amount of knowledge would compare to actually being in those situations but I still think it's handy to know. I’m sharing her best tips with all of you.

1. Never leave your drink unattended, if you do leave or you're not watching it just get a new one.
There's actually a social experiment video where they tested how easy it would be to drug someone's drink. You'd be amazed that it can happen with drink right in your hand all you have to do is turn your head a little. So be careful. I wouldn't recommend asking a friend to watch your drink either unless you 100% trust them. It’s not worth the risk.

2. Always be aware of your surroundings.
This one might take some getting used to but be aware of where you are, who's around, and what looks or feels out of place. Always trust your instincts. There was a time I was walking home from a friend’s house at night and there was a guy standing by a light pole near where my house was. The more I walked toward my house he started walking towards my direction. So instead I turned around and went to my friend's house so someone could walk with me home. Sure it could've been nothing but I didn't want to take that chance. It brings me to the next tip.

3. Always travel in pairs.
When you're doing something and you know it's kind of uncertain or sketchy travel in pairs. For instance, those people who online date or use craigslist never meet a stranger alone always bring a group of people or a friend. In addition, many college campuses offer a buddy walking system where other people will walk you from classes if you need them or even police escort.

4. Never leave the house without some sort of safety device.
When I was in middle school my mom bought me a whistle since I walked to school. I never had to use it but it was nice knowing I had in case something was to happen and I’d need help. Then when I entered high school my mom bought me pepper spray to protect myself. Again, it was nice to have but I never used it. Now that I’m going to be going to college else where my mom is extremely worried about my safety. Thanks to the Sound Grenade by ROBOCOPP my mom can rest peacefully at night.

The Sound Grenade is a device where you pull the pin off of it and it releases 120dB siren sounds which is just as loud as an ambulance. The device repels bears, mountain lions and let’s people know when you’re in trouble. I think this is more effective than a whistle and safer and easier than pepper spray.

A special thanks to ROBOCOPP for giving me one to test out. I’ve had mine for a few weeks and haven’t had to use it yet. However, my fiancĂ©’s curiosity to see how it sounds decided to test pull it. We can assure you it works. When purchasing the device, you get a 5-year warranty and battery life that last to up a year depending on how much you use it. Hopefully you’d never have to use it. I like this device because it gives me and those who love me a peace of mind. That if anything were to happen to me I’d have something that could possibly help me. ROBOCOPP is also giving you guys a chance to get one free by entering the giveaway down below.  

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