Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Monthly Intentions Collaboration

Welcome to the new and improved monthly goal link-up called Monthly Intentions. I’ve paired up with a group of aspiring women to bring you our goals for each month including a reflection piece. This helps us stay accountable for our goals as well as building a community that supports each other on our monthly endeavors. Make sure you check the other lovely ladies in this link-up below.  

Before we get into how I tanked horribly on my June goals I want to talk about the highs and lows of June. 

Transfer Orientation for my new College 
I visited my boyfriend in Iowa over spring break and fell in love with how friendly Iowans were and how beautiful the state was. So after spring break I decided I wanted to go to school in Iowa. I did my research and choose to attend University of Northern Iowa. I had orientation in the beginning of the June. Where I got a chance to see the school as well as register. It felt surreal that this is where I’m going to be spending the next few years. 

Spending a whole month with my boyfriend and his family 
Since my boyfriend and I are in an LDR we don’t see each other as often as we’d like to. He comes down a few days every month. This is our first time spending a whole month together. So far it’s been a surreal feeling and we’ve been enjoying every minute. In addition to that I love his family they’re so sweet and it’s been a pleasure getting to know them more. 

Travelling to California for the first time 
My boyfriend has family in California so we’ll be spending a whole week here. We drove here and it was the longest road trip I’ve ever taken. We started Wednesday, it took 18 hours to get to Colorado where we stayed overnight and from there 12 hours to California from there. It’s exciting since this is my first time in California I’m enjoying the vacation and the journey. 

Leaving my mom alone for a month
I’m the youngest in my family and I’m closer to my mom than any of my other siblings. Since it’s just been me and my mom I always try to take care of her. So leaving her by herself for a whole month was hard for me. I instructed her to call me and text me any chance she can so I know she’s okay. She joked around and said “Yes mom”. 

Being homesick 
That being said I was very homesick. There’s not enough distraction in the world that could get rid of that feeling. Every now and then I started to miss my mom and being around my family. Which made me question how I’m going to survive the next few years away at college. Here’s how I did with my 

June Goals Recap

1. Go with the flow
This was a lot easier to do since I’ve been with my boyfriend and his family. They were in charge of everything we do. I just went along with it and said “Sure”. I’d say it’s been more relaxing going with the flow. I’ve learned to let things just happen and not worrying too much about the details. 

2. Join a twitter chat once each week 
Not only did I forget when the twitter chats were I was busy with other things that I managed to loose all motivation at accomplishing this goal. However, I will be attempting this goal over the fall semester since I’ll be more on a routine. 

3. Scheduling blog posts for the summer 
I did half of this goal. I managed to set due dates for myself on some goals however I haven’t written every single one yet. However, I’ll still proud of myself, baby steps are all it takes to getting things accomplished. 

4. Tech free California trip 
The only exception to this seems to be blogging. I took on a few sponsored post before heading to California so it’s my obligation to see those blog post through. Although my boyfriend isn’t exactly happy about the change in plans, he understands that I have to do what I got to do. He’s been a trooper. 

July Intentions

1. Finishing packing for college
Since I'll be on vacation for a month I realized the moment I get back home I'll be headed to college a few weeks after. It wasn't a good realization. I'm partial packed but there's still so much more to do. So I'm hoping to purchase everything I need and be ready to go by August 13th.

2. Finishing up my couples summer bucket list 
My former boyfriend (now fiance *insert heart eyes emoji*) made a summer bucket list and we've only done a handful of things we planned to do this summer. However, we did a lot of things that weren't on the bucket list and the most important part is that we are enjoying our time together. 

3. Start wedding planning
Yeppers, you're seeing this right! A few days ago my boyfriend proposed to me. *swoon* It was simple and heartfelt proposal surrounded by his family at the beach. It wasn't what I envisioned however it's better than I could imagine. Reality still hasn't set in, everything feels so surreal. However, we need to start minor wedding goals to get ahead of the game. My goal is to be married by 2018, we shall see how it works out. 

4. Enjoying the rest of the summer. 
This summer has been carefree and relaxing. I'd love it to stay that way for a while because school will be starting soon and with the wedding planning, it'll be chaotic. So I just want to enjoy this summer with my  fiance and his family. 

Monthly Intention Collabers

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